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Police managers should have a criminal justice degree


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Module One Readings:


I.          Measuring


            1.         Hall, P. (1998). Policing order: assessments of effectiveness and

                                 efficiency. Policing and Society, 8(3). 10-12.


            2.         Weisel, D. (2002) Contemporary gangs : an organizational analysis.

                                LFB Scholarly Publishing LLC, New York, NY. Chapter three:

                                research and design Methodology


            3.         Logie, R., Wright, R. & Decker, S. (1992). Recognition memory

                                performance and residential burglary. Applied Cognitive

                                Psychology. 6(2). 109-134.


            4.         Yuille, J. & Cutshall, J. (1986). A case study of eyewitness memory

                                of a crime. Journal of Applied Psychology. 71(2), 291-301.


            5.         Schneider, R. (2001). Planning for crime prevention: a transatlantic

                                perspective Routledge Press, Florence, KY


                                 Read: Chapter Two Crime Trends in the USA and Britain.

                                            Pages 29 through 44, only.


            6.         Faggiani, D. & Mclaughlin, C. (1999) Using national incident-based 

                                reporting system for strategic crime control analysis. Journal of

                                Quantitative Criminology, 15(2), 181-202


II.        Needs Analysis


            7.         McArdle, G. (1998). Conducting a needs analysis: A Fifty Minute

                                    Book. Crisp Publication. Boston, MA.


            8.         Shadel, B., Chen, J., Newkirk, R., Lawrence, S. Clements, B. Evans,

                                    R.  (2004). Bioterrorism risk perceptions and educational

                                    needs of public health professionals before and after

                                    September 11, 2001: a national needs assessment survey.

                                    Journal of Public Health Management & Practice. 10(4), 282-290.


Module One Specific Assignment:


Needs Analysis is a fairly common form of problem solving or action research.  Briefly outline Needs Analysis.  Conduct research and identify three other studies wherein Needs Analysis was used.  Briefly discuss these studies, the methods of research and their outcomes.  What did you find similar?  What was different?  Under what circumstance would Needs Analysis be appropriate for criminal justice managers?


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Module One Final Project Assignment:


Your final project will be a paper which identifies a problem or issue in your agency.  Using the framework of needs analysis, your final project will conduct an analysis of the problem.  Through this course you will be exposed to a variety of academic and practitioner research sources.  You final project will identify the problem, develop a methodology for examining the problem, conduct research into the problem and identify potential solutions, and make recommendations. For this module, identify a problem in your agency.  Submit a one page description of the problem.


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