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Police managers should have a criminal justice degree

Personnel Analysis

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Module Four Readings:


VI.       Deployment and Scheduling (Week Six)


            18.       Thale, C. (2004). Assigned to patrol: neighborhoods, police and

                                changing deployment practices in New York City. Journal of

                                Social History, 37(4), 1037-1046.


            19.       Moore, M. (1995). Patrol shift schedule. FBI Law Enforcement

                            Bulletin, 64(4), 9-12.


Module Four Specific Assignment


Performance measurements and deployment issues should be strongly related to the issues of efficiency and effectiveness.  Discuss the difference between efficiency and effectives.  Using the readings, are managers measuring either?  Both?  Discuss the  performance evaluation methodology in your agency.  What does it measure?  Can it  be improved? Should crime analysis data be integrated into performance measures?


                                    Hint:  There are some very good readings in module one

                                    which might help you write this paper


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Module Four Final Project Assignment


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