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The Police Writers 2009 Book of the Year.

Once a Marine: An Iraq War Tank Commander's Inspirational Memoir of Combat, Courage, and Recovery
Nick Popaditch  More Info

Ride the Thunder: A Vietnam War Story of Honor and Triumph
Richard Botkin  More Info

What is a Hero?: The American Heroes Press Short Story Anthology
Hi Tech Criminal Justice  More Info

Leadership: Texas Hold 'Em Style
Andrew J. Harvey  More Info


Master Chief's General Reference List

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American Naval History: An Illustrated Chronology of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps, 1775-Present
Jack Sweetman  More Info
price: $38.50

Air Raid, Pearl Harbor!: Recollections of a Day of Infamy
Paul Stillwell  More Info
price: $27.97

E-Boat Alert: Defending the Normandy Invasion Fleet
James Foster Tent  More Info
price: $34.95

Heroes in Dungarees: The Story of the American Merchant Marine in World War II
John Bunker  More Info
price: $25.87

Unsung Sailors: The Naval Armed Guard in World War II
Justin F. Gleichauf  More Info
price: $34.95

Rocks & Shoals: Naval Discipline in the Age of Fighting Sail (Bluejacket Books)
James E. Valle  More Info
price: $16.30

The Unsinkable Fleet: The Politics of the U.S. Navy Expansion in World War II
Joel R. Davidson  More Info
price: $23.07

Run Silent Run Deep
Edward L. Beach  More Info
price: $9.95

Kenneth J. Hagan  More Info
price: $24.95

Longitude: The True Story of a Lone Genius Who Solved the Greatest Scientific Problem of His Time
Dava Sobel  More Info
price: $9.56

One Hundred Years of Sea Power: The U.S. Navy, 1890-1990
George W. Baer  More Info
price: $75.00

Crossed Currents: Navy Women in a Century of Change
Jean Ebbert  More Info
price: $15.16

A Quest for Glory: A Biography of Rear Admiral John A. Dahlgren
Robert J., Jr. Schneller  More Info
price: $39.95




The First Team and the Guadalcanal Campaign: Naval Fighter Combat from August to November 1942
John B. Lundstrom  More Info
price: $34.97

At Dawn We Slept: The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor
Gordon William Prange  More Info
price: $14.67

Okinawa: The Last Battle of World War II
Robert Leckie  More Info
price: $11.16

War at Sea: A Naval History of World War II
Nathan Miller  More Info
price: $29.95

War Beneath the Sea : Submarine Conflict During World War II
Peter Padfield  More Info
price: $13.97

Miracle at Midway
Gordon William Prange  More Info
price: $14.00

Authors at Sea: Modern American Writers Remember Their Naval Service
Robert Shenk  More Info
price: $25.87

U-Boat Commander: A Periscope View of the Battle of the Atlantic
Peter Cremer  More Info
price: $20.97

Great American Naval Battles
Jack Sweetman  More Info
price: $40.65

History of the U.S. Navy, 1942-1991
Robert W., Jr. Love  More Info
price: $27.97
This is one volumne of a 13 volumne set, they can all be accessed via this link.

The Atlantic Battle Won: May 1943 - May 1945 (History of U.S. Naval Operations in WWII Series)
Samuel Eliot Morison  More Info
price: $12.99

The First Team: Pacific Naval Air Combat from Pearl Harbor to Midway
John B. Lundstrom  More Info
price: $34.97

Book of Navy Songs
Trident Society  More Info
price: $27.95

Admiral John H. Towers: The Struggle for Naval Air Supremacy
Clark G. Reynolds  More Info
price: $32.87

Magnificent Mitscher
Theodore Taylor  More Info
price: $32.64

Kinkaid of the Seventh Fleet: A Biography of Admiral Thomas C. Kinkaid, U.S. Navy
Gerald E. Wheeler  More Info
price: $42.50




Sea Power: A Naval History
E. B. Potter  More Info
price: $45.00

Prisoners of the Japanese : Pows of World War Ii in the Pacific
Gavin Daws  More Info
price: $11.20

The Two-Ocean War: A Short History of the United States Navy in the Second World War
Samuel Eliot Morison  More Info
price: $14.99

History of the U.S. Navy, 1775-1941
Robert W., Jr. Love  More Info
price: $27.97

CLASH OF TITANS: World War II at Sea
Walter J. Boyne  More Info
price: $16.00

PT 105
Dick Keresey  More Info
price: $11.87

Submarine Commander: A Story of World War II and Korea
Paul R. Schratz  More Info
price: $18.00

All at Sea: Coming of Age in World War II
Louis R. Harlan  More Info
price: $18.95

Revolt of the Admirals: The Fight for Naval Aviation, 1945-50 (Brassey's Five-Star Paperback Series)
Jeffrey G. Barlow  More Info
price: $17.95

Honor Bound: American Prisoners of War in Southeast Asia, 1961-1973
Stuart I. Rochester  More Info
price: $31.50

Submarine Admiral: From Battlewagons to Ballistic Missiles
I. J. Galantin  More Info
price: $26.95

Assault from the Sea: The Amphibious Landing at Inchon (The U.S. Navy in the Modern World Series, No 2)
Curtis A. Utz  More Info
price: $6.00

Cordon of steel : the U.S. Navy and the Cuban missile crisis (SuDoc D 221.16:1)
Curtis A. Utz  More Info

The Quiet Warrior: A Biography of Admiral Raymond A. Spruance (Classics of Naval Literature)
Thomas B. Buell  More Info
price: $34.95



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