The Chief of Naval Operations has designated three levels of leadership and professional development reading:


United States Navy Leadership - Advanced Readings

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Fleet Tactics: Theory and Practice
Wayne P., Jr. Hughes  More Info

From Beirut to Jerusalem (Updated with a New Chapter)
Thomas L. Friedman  More Info

Soldier and the State: The Theory and Politics of Civil-Military Relations.
Samuel P Huntington  More Info

Deterrence in American Foreign Policy
Alexander George  More Info

The Geopolitics of Super Power
Colin S. Gray  More Info

Strategy: The Logic of War and Peace
Edward N. Luttwak  More Info

Seapower and Strategy
Colin S. Gray  More Info

U.S. Defense Policy in an Era of Constrained Resources
Robert L. Pfaltzgraff  More Info

War and Politics
Bernard Brodie  More Info

The White House Years
Henry A. Kissinger  More Info

How Democracies Perish
Jean Francois Revel  More Info

Man, the State and War: A Theoretical Analysis (Institute of War & Peace Studies Series)
Kenneth N. Waltz  More Info

Military Strategy: A General Theory of Power Control (Classics of Sea Power)
J.C. Wylie  More Info

Democracy in America
Alexis De Tocqueville  More Info

The Art of War
Sunzi  More Info

America At Century's End
James Schlesinger  More Info

Cold dawn: The story of SALT
John Newhouse  More Info

The Influence of Sea Power Upon History, 1660-1783
A. T. Mahan  More Info

Origins of the maritime strategy American naval strategy in the first postwar decade (SuDoc D 207.10/4:1)
Michael A. Palmer  More Info

On War
Carl Von Clausewitz  More Info

Power and Change: The Administrative History of the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, 1946-1986 (Contributions to naval history)
Thomas C. Hone  More Info

Strategy for Defeat : Vietnam in Retrospect
U.S. Grant Sharp  More Info

The Ultra Secret
Frederick William Winterbotham  More Info

The U.S. Navy: The View from the Mid-1980's (Westview special studies in military affairs)
James L. George  More Info

Some Principles of Maritime Strategy (Classics of Sea Power Series)
Julian Stafford, Sir Corbett  More Info

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