Commandant of the Marine Corps has organized the leadership and professional development reading list according to rank:
Private, Private 1st Class & Lance Corporal
Corporal & Sergeant
Staff Sergeant, Warrant Officer, CWO2, CWO3, 2nd Lieutenant, & 1st Lieutenant

Gunnery Sergeant, 1st Sgt., Master Sgt., CWO4 & Captain
Major & CWO5
Master Gunnery Sgt., Sgt. Major & Lieutenant Colonel
Marine Corps Current Events

The Military Writers 2009 Book of the Year.

Once a Marine: An Iraq War Tank Commander's Inspirational Memoir of Combat, Courage, and Recovery
Nick Popaditch  More Info
The Military Writers 2007 Book of the Year.

Leadership: Texas Hold 'Em Style
Andrew J. Harvey  More Info


Marine Corps Leadership - Master Gunnery Sergeant, Sergeant Major & Lieutenant Colonel

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The Making of Strategy: Rulers, States, and War
Williamson Murray  More Info

The Enlightened Soldier
Charles Edward White  More Info

Ultra in the West: The Normandy campaign of 1944-45
Ralph Francis Bennett  More Info

The Quiet Warrior: A Biography of Admiral Raymond A. Spruance (CLASSICS OF NAVAL LITERATURE)
Thomas B. Buell  More Info

Follow Me II: More on the Human Element in Leadership
Aubrey S. Newman  More Info

Take That Hill!: Royal Marines in the Falklands War
Nick Vaux  More Info

The Army and Vietnam
Andrew F., Jr. Krepinevich  More Info

The U.S. Marine Corps and Defense Unification 1944-47: The Politics of Survival
Gordon W. Keiser  More Info


One Hundred Years of Sea Power: The U.S. Navy, 1890-1990
George W. Baer  More Info

Moving Mountains: Lessons in Leadership and Logistics from the Gulf War
William G., Lt. General Pagonis  More Info

How the War Was Won: Command and Technology in the British Army on the Western Front, 1917-1918
Tim Travers  More Info

One Hundred Days: The Memoirs of the Falklands Battle Group Commander (Bluejacket Books Series)
Sandy Woodward  More Info

The Generals' War : The Inside Story of the Conflict in the Gulf
Michael R. Gordon  More Info

The Years of Macarthur: Triumph and Disaster 1945-1964 (Years of MacArthur)
Dorris Clayton James  More Info

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