Essentials of Terrorism: Concepts and Controversies
C. (Clarence) Augustus (Gus) Martin  More Info

A course on terrorism should be core to a criminal justice degree.

Future and Emerging Trends

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Module Four

(Future and Emerging Trends)


Required Readings:

1.    Understanding Terrorism (Poland)

        a.    Chapter Four: The Palestine Question and Al Qaeda

        b.    Chapter Ten: The Future of Terrorism

 2.   Terrorism (Snowden & Whitsel)

        a.    Chapter Eleven: New Age Groups and Public Order

        b.    Chapter Fifteen: Security-Threat Groups: The Threats Posed by

               White-Supremacist Organizations

        c.    Chapter Seventeen: Extremism in the Military: The Burmeister Case and

               Policy Response.

        d.    Chapter Eighteen: Rural Radical Religon: Christian Identity Movement

               and Community Militas.


Recommended Readings:



(Note: Assignment due dates are listed on the course homepage)


Written Assignments


Practical Exercise

Prepare a one or two page briefing paper for the chief executive of your agency.  He or she has asked you one question: Is the greatest threat to our local security domestic or international?  Based on your readings and research, make a decision and justify that decision.  Hint: The required readings in this module and from the previous modules will be very helpful. Note: This paper should not be in an academic style (such as APA), but in an organizational style of writing.

Session/Semester Long Project:

Submit your final paper.


Participation Assignment


Go to the Criminal Justice Degree forum and post your final discussion question here.


Due Date Fall 2009
Session I Session II Go To
August 31, 2009 October 26, 2009 Session Begins
September 11, 2009 November 6, 2009 Module One (Defining Terrorism)
September 25, 2009 November 20, 2009 Module Two (Modus Operandi of Terrorists)
October 9, 2009 December 4, 2009 Module Three (Response to Terrorism)
October 21, 2009 December 16, 2009 Module Four (Emerging Trends)
October 24, 2009 December 19, 2009 Session Ends




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