Policing: Concepts, Strategies, And Current Issues in American Police Forces
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Current Issues and Controversies in Policing
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A solid criminal justice degree includes course work on police administration.

Current Issues

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Module Four:  Current issues in Operations and Support  and Entry Level.

Students are to write a response to each bullet point in their papers. Each MODULE is essentially a series of answers to the questions posed. Learners should submit them as Modular Papers, with a header for each subtopic. There are four papers then, with the subtopics included in the module. The paper should be 5-7 pages in length, properly sourced and formatted (APA Style is strongly encouraged).  Superior papers will integrate additional research conducted on the subject by the learner.



1.   Compare and contrast Chapters 11 Field Operations and Chapter 12, Investigations, Chapter 14, Technical Services, Chapter 15, Support Services. The effective are these units in the overall goal of the department? How are units evaluated for effectiveness and how is that validated are crucial components of new learning.

2.   Analyze Chapter 13 on Entrance Criteria and focus on the changes that have occurred to recruit, and select officers who reflect the more current trends in policing today? What has your organization done to recruit women and minorities into the organizations? Examine what pre-service methods the department has done to accomplish this and what are the validated results of such proactive action, if any.

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