Criminal Justice students study the impact of the criminal justice system on minorty groups.


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Date Week One Reading Supplemental Reading
23-Aug Course Orientation, Introduction    
  Definitions, Group Development Shusta 1 What is a Minority Group?
  Week Two    
30-Aug Group Development, Continued Shusta 2 Creation & Consequences of Group Status
  Website Presentation Shusta 3/4 What is Race?
  Week Three    
6-Sep Diversity in Law Enforcement    
  Women in Law Enforcement P1 Joseph 6  
  Week Four    
13-Sep Victimization Joseph 2/3  
  Impact of Gender in Court Decisions  P2 Joseph 13  
  Week Five    
20-Sep Asian/Pacific Americans and Justice Shusta 5 Language of Closet Racism
  African Americans and Justice Shusta 6 Defining Race Racism & Racial Discrimination
  Week Six    
27-Sep Latino/Hispanic Americans and Justice Shusta 7 Institutional Racism
  Middle Eastern Groups and Justice, P3 Shusta 8 (e)racing the Fourth Amendment
  Week Seven    
4-Oct Domestic/Partner Violence Shusta 9 Joseph CH11
      Domestic Violence Awareness Handbook
  Week Eight    
11-Oct Community Orientated Policing Joseph 1/11  
  Mid Term Joseph 5 What is Community Policing?
  Week Nine    
18-Oct Juvenile Justice Joseph 12  
  Juvenile Justice, P4 Joseph 14  
  Week Ten    
25-Oct Police Arrest Decisions Joseph 7 Pretextual Stops Injustice for Minority Drivers
  Police Arrest Decisions (Cont'd), Joeseph 4  
  Week Eleven    
1-Nov Police Arrest Decisions    
  Racial Profiling,  P5 Shusta 14 Sounding Black: Court-Sanctioned Racial
  Week Twelve    
8-Nov Racial Profiling (Cont'd)    
  Hate Crimes Shusta 12/13 Responding to Hate Crimes
  Week Thirteen    
15-Nov Corrections Joseph 8  
  Corrections (Cont'd) Joseph 10  
  Week Fourteen     
22-Nov Recess No Class
  Week Fifteen    
29-Nov Hate Crimes    
  Current Issues/Trends Shusta 16  
  Week Sixteen    
6-Dec Current Issues/Trends (Cont'd)    
  Final Review    
13-Dec Week Seventeen - Final Per Schedule    

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