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A good criminal justice degree will examine all aspects of criminal justice policy.

Criminal Justice Issues

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Public Policy and Practice in Criminal Justice
 Issue Papers


General Directions from Syllabus
Papers -
Students are required to prepare a two (2) typed, 3-5 page, discussion and analysis of a course related issue. At a minimum, it is expected that the students will produce an academically sound and properly formatted work (APA format is strongly encouraged); with a minimum of three sources, not including the text book.  The instructor will provide more information concerning the papers during class.  The papers will be graded on content as well as exposition.   

Selecting a Topic
Listed below are the ten general areas of policy research for the Issue Papers.  Many of these board categories of issues are similar and overlapping.  To help you narrow your topic selection, I suggest you go to the
National Center for Policy Analysis.  You will find many brief articles and snapshots of various issues under these board categories.  Remember you must complete two papers, each from a different category.  You are looking for a policy or program that a government entity has implemented as a means to solve a problem or fill a need.


1.         Juvenile Crime

2.         Causes & Prevention

3.         Criminals

4.         Police Policies  

5.         Punishment     

6.         Criminal Justice System 

7.         Sentencing Court System    

8.         Privatizing Law Enforcement & Justice     

9.         Self-Defense & Gun Control     

10.       Technology & Crime

 Paper Specifics

In addition to being in APA format, your paper should address the following under these specific headings.

1.         Background

Briefly describe the historical context of the problem.  For instance, if you were going to look at a clean water policy in a certain jurisdiction you might begin with how the water became contaminated.

2.         Problem Statement

In one or two sentences describe the problem.  For example, Run off from storm drains is damaging Santa Monica Bay.

3.         Policy Alternatives

For every problem there are multiple proposed solutions.  Indeed, you will likely find that multiple solutions have been tried.  In three or four sentences describe the at least two alternatives.  Remember, you must support your information with scholarly citations.

 4.         Stakeholders

 Identify the stakeholders. Pay particular attention to places where policy in one component of the criminal justice system has affected others components.

 5.         Outcomes and Consequences 

Based on the choice taken by the government, describe the outcomes they expected and the consequences of their choice.

 6.         Recommendations

 What, if anything, would you have done differently? 

Criminal Justice Policy Making: Federal Roles and Processes
Barbara Ann Stolz  More Info

According to the book description of Criminal Justice Policy Making: Federal Roles and Processes, “The how and why of criminal justice policy making is frequently overlooked in criminal justice texts. Stolz fills that gap with this reader, which introduces students to the study of criminal justice policy making at the federal level by drawing on the discipline of political science. Each chapter includes: BL academic and government publications that acquaint the reader with federal criminal justice policy-making structures and processes BL criminal justice policy-making issues related to each branch of government BL one or more political science frameworks, used to explain how governmental structures and processes affect criminal justice policy.”

Multicultural Issues in the Criminal Justice System
Marsha Tarver  More Info

According to the book description of Multicultural Issues in the Criminal Justice System, it “is the only book to completely address diversity issues for every aspect of the criminal justice system. This book seeks to define and characterize the dynamics of cross-cultural interaction and to provide an explanation of the circumstances that have brought American criminal justice into the 21st century. Summarizing historical and cultural issues while relating them to the emergence of the modern criminal justice system, the book gives a global overview of the issues affecting both victims and professionals in the criminal justice system. For anyone interested in criminology or criminal justice, and the multicultural issues that arise in the field.”

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