Every criminal justice program should have a course in ethics.

Course Schedule

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Date Subject Reading Assignment Due
Tue, Aug 30 Introduction/orientation None  
Thu, Sep 1 Decision Making: Individuals and Organizations None  
Tue, Sep 6 History and purpose of Ethics Ruggiero CH1, CH12  
Thu, Sep 8 History and purpose of Ethics Appendix A and B  
Tue, Sep 13 Majority View, Personal Feelings Ruggiero CH2, CH3, Ortmeier CH 4 Paper One
Thu, Sep 15 Ethics, Morality and Leadership    
Tue, Sep 20 Individual and organizational conscience Ruggiero CH4, CH5  
Thu, Sep 22 Culture and Ethics    
Tue, Sep 26 Use of Judgment in discretion Ruggiero CH6, Ortmeier CH1 Paper Two
Thu, Sep 28 Organizational Controls on Judgment/Discretion    
Tue, Oct 3 Relativism and Absolutism Ruggiero CH7, Ortmeier CH2  
Thu, Oct 5 Ethical Leadership in Criminal Justice    
Tue, Oct 10 Obligation to individual, organization, society Ruggiero CH 8, Ortmeier CH3 Paper Three
Thu, Oct 12 Mid Term Review, Presentation Briefing None  
Tue, Oct 17 Mid Term Exam None  
Thu, Oct 19 Leadership Concepts and Professionalism    
Tue, Oct 24 Values, Morales and Norms  Ruggiero CH9, Ortmeier CH5 Paper Four
Thu, Oct 26 Criminal Justice Dilemmas    
Tue, Oct 31 Noble Cause Misconduct, Ends and Means Ruggiero CH10, Ortmeier CH6  
Thu, Nov 2 Communicating ethics and professionalism    
Tue, Nov 7 Organizational responses to misconduct Ruggeiro CH11, Ortmeier CH7 Paper Five
Thu, Nov 9 Decision Making and Problem Solving Ortmeier CH 8, CH9  
Tue, Nov 14 Organizational Failure    
Thu, Nov 16 Ethics and Policing Models Ortmeier CH 10, CH11  
Tue, Nov 21 Presentations None  
Thu, Nov 23 HOLIDAY Thanksgiving Day None  
Tue, Nov 28 Presentations None  
Thu, Nov 30 Presentations None  
Tue, Dec 5 Presentations/Review None  
Thu, Dec 7 Exam Prep and Consultation None  
TBA Final None  

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