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Episode No. 95: The War Trail

Date: February 7, 2010

Notes:  A conversation with retired Warrant Officer Charles A. McDonald, USA, on his book The War Trail.

Charles A. McDonald, USA is a personal protection specialist in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He is a retired U.S. Army chief warrant officer and served with the 101st Airborne Division and the 1st, 5th and 7th Special Forces Groups (ABN.) While serving in Vietnam, he was assigned as an advisor to the Vietnamese 7th Airborne Division, Project Delta, and as an advisor in the MACV Recondo School. Charles A. McDonald is the author of The War Trail.

According to the book description of The War Trail, “The Eastern French Frontier, 1754. The French and Indian War is about to begin. The War Trail is a rich and electrifying account of one early American coping with the new world. Wolfgang Steiner is a young German Redemptioner hired out to the Ohio Company as a hunter. He finds himself stranded in the wilderness and pursued relentlessly by the Iroquois. He crosses the brutal Northwest Frontier into French, then Spanish and Indian-dominated lands of North America. In the midst of his pursuit for freedom, he finds companionship with a young wolf. The plot complicates with the appearance of a mysterious and feared Algonquin Indian woman, Dark Moon, a medicine woman and sorceress. Wolfgang and Dark Moon journey in rough stages, trying to elude the creeping encroachment of other tribes allied with the French. Told with brilliant historical accuracy, this is a harrowing tale of hardship and courage in early America as it was. Those looking for the right blend of drama and realistic detail will find this novel an exciting read.”

One reader of The War Trail said, “We're honored to carry The War Trail in our store, Allegheny Archers. I am very pleased to have read this wonderful adventure. Mr. McDonalds depiction of the books characters and surrounding landscapes are spectacular. This novel held my interest from cover to cover and left me wanting more. If you are looking for adventure, intrigue and suspense in your next book, I highly recommend "The War Trail". Bravo, Mr. McDonald.”

The War Trail
Charles A. McDonald  More Info

One reader of The War Trail said, “As an individual with a penchant for detail, I was not disappointed with Charles McDonald's tale of Wolfgang Steiner's journey. His descriptions of the changes in nature that come with each season were written with exceptional accuracy. Additionally, the plot was suspenseful and left me wanting to finish the book without putting it down. The historical accuracy of people, places and events written of in the novel was a nice treat. McDonald's affection for the outdoors does not go unnoticed in this novel. I'd definitely recommend The War Trail to anyone who craves adventure and loves the Great Outdoors.”

One reader of The War Trail said, “I had a hard time putting this book down. Charles's portrayal of the country side was excellent. It made me feel like I was there. The story was historically correct with many small details added in to create interest in the characters. You can tell Charles has spent time in the woods as he makes his characters aware of all the little sights and sounds that are missed by most people. I would recommend this book to any one who like outdoor adventure.”

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