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War aganst the Navy

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The January 26, 2012, episode of American Heroes Radio features a conversation with former US Marine Bob Ford, the author of War Against the Navy.

Program Date: January 26, 2012

Program Time: 1500 hours, PACIFIC

Topic: VA's War Against the US Navy's Agent Orange Survivors

Listen Live:

Our Guest, Bob Ford is a former US Marine & author of War Against the Navy.

According to the book description, "Agent Orange is a term used to describe a combination of deadly dioxins which were repeatedly sprayed over Vietnam for the purpose of defoliating the jungles. The term originated from the Orange stripe around the barrels of chemicals that were used.

Dumped by the tons from the skies from large multi-engine aircraft, often 3 & 4 abreast, & it did indeed transform much of Vietnam into a deadly wasteland. It also exposed American servicemen & women to the origins of numerous cancers that now have them dying at a rate of 13 years earlier than their counterparts who did not serve in Vietnam. When all this was taking place, the military was told there was nothing to fear from Agent Orange.

After years of denial in a prolonged battle by Vietnam veterans, the government finally acknowledged the disabilities caused by Agent Orange, and a system was established to process claims for those who now have one or more of the related diseases recognized by VA as caused by exposure to these chemicals. The legislation was clear in that anyone who served, whether on land or sea, was presumed to have been exposed to Agent Orange. Obviously, the one claim no veteran would ever hope to file with VA would be for Agent Orange benefits. The stark reality is that you must already have cancer to qualify.

The main conclusion of this story is there is a controlling group of senior bureaucrats within the United States Department of Veterans Affairs who are relentlessly determined to prevent United States Navy veterans of the Vietnam War from receiving benefits that are automatically granted to all other Vietnam veterans.”

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