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Episode No. 109:  Vietnam, No Regets

Date: April 22, 2010

Notes: A conversation with Vietnam Veteran and author of Vietnam, No Regrets, J. Richard Watkin.

J. Richard Watkins, USA, was a member of the “1/27th Wolfhounds, 25th Infantry Division.”  He was in Vietnam from “late 1969 through 1970.”  J. Richard Watkins is the author of Vietnam No Regrets.

Kendra Carroll of Apex Reviews said of Vietnam No Regrets, “In the 30+ years since its conclusion, countless volumes have been crafted regarding the Vietnam War - not to mention movies, television specials, and documentaries. Most of the written and visual media have done a commendable job of exploring the logistical blunders and other revealing aspects of the war itself; however, very few of them have given Vietnam the same empathic human touch as "Saving Private Ryan" so famously did for World War II.

Throughout the pages of Vietnam No Regrets, author and Vietnam veteran J. Richard Watkins steps directly in the gap and fills that void in standout fashion. A heart-wrenching memoir recounted in an unfiltered, no-holds-barred manner, Vietnam No Regrets takes the reader straight into the heart of one of the most controversial extended episodes in our nation's history, painting the gruesome conflict in a graphic, vivid light - undeniably real and raw.”

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