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Unconventional Delivery of Deadly Force

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Episode No. 91: Unconventional Delivery of Deadly Force in a Correctional Facility

Date: January 21, 2010

Notes:  Conversations with Correctional Official and Use of Force expert, Tracy E. Barnhart.

After completion of a Marine Corps combat tour of duty in Iraq in 1991, Tracy E. Barnhart completed the National Registry requirements as an Emergency Medical Technician.  He responded to calls of emergency medical nature for over three years until he became a police officer for the City of Galion (Ohio).  After three years on patrol he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Later leaving the City of Galion Tracy E. Barnhart was hired as the Chief of Police for the City of Edison (Ohio).  After 3 years as chief of police, and with a total of ten years experience in law enforcement he changed careers leaping into the realm of corrections where he is currently employed at the Marion Juvenile Correctional Facility. Tracy E. Barnhart is the Law Enforcement coordinator the Tri-Rivers Public Safety Adult Education where he designs and coordinates continuing educational courses for law enforcement and correctional officers.  He has established courses on verbal de-escalation, criminal behavior analysis, use of force, and ground fighting and take down techniques for law enforcement.

Tracy E. Barnhart & co-author Gary T. Klugiewicz wrote an article on Unconventional Delivery of Deadly Force in a Correctional Facility which appeared in the December 2009 issue of the American Heroes Press Newsletter.  The article began, “We wanted to write an article on a topic that you might have thought that you never would read about in print.  This article is going to discuss how and when to use deadly force in a correctional facility and most importantly how to defend your actions.  Since most corrections officers are not trained or equipped with weapons designed to deliver deadly force the techniques we are going to discuss will need to be unconventional. The following information is the kind of stuff we talk about before roll call when we hear about an assault on an officer from the previous shift.  This type of violent assault against a corrections officer could happen anywhere.  It could even happen in your facility.  These life threatening assaults could happen to a friend or someone who you went to the academy with or it could happen to you. Hopefully it’s doesn’t end up like the incident referenced below with an officer being killed.”

The entire article can be found at: Deadly Force

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