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Episode No. 44 True Crime

Date:  January 30, 2009

Notes: Tom Basinski, Chula Vista Police Department (ret.) and known renowned true crime novelist.

After studying to be a Catholic priest for five years while earning a B.A. in English Literature from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas, Tom Basinski traded his Roman collar for a badge and gun, patrolling the mean streets of hometown Flint, Michigan.  After a year and a half in Flint, Tom Basinski moved to California where he worked for the Chula Vista Police Department (17 years), and as an investigator for the San Diego District Attorney (17 years).  While a homicide detective for Chula Vista, Tom Basinski began writing true crime stories for various pulp magazines, eventually selling over 125 true crime stories.  Tom Basinski is the author of the books No Good Deed and Cross-County Evil.

According to the book description of No Good Deed, it “is a true story of jealousy, rage, steroids, voodoo, strippers, and murder. The charred remains of 38-year old nice guy David Stevens are found in his incinerated Chrysler convertible December 23, 1998 in upscale La Jolla, California, with two bullet holes in his head.”

According to the book description of Cross-County Evil, it is the “true crime shocker of an 18- year manhunt for a killer rapist on the run. The murder of a San Diego woman in 1988 was eventually solved—nearly two decades later, and thousands of miles away after a Florida traffic cop pulled a man over during a routine stop. What transpired was an incredible combination of chance and relentless investigative work.”

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