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STAY MAD! Observations of a Proletarian

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The May 26, 2011, episode of American Heroes Radio features a conversation with David Graham (former US Army) on his book Stay Mad.

David Graham served six years in the United States Army (Reserves) with the 368th Combat Engineers out of Concord (New Hampshire) He was a 62J (light/heavy equipment operator), 62E (Big heavy equipment operator), 62F (crane operator).  During his service he built roads in Honduras. David Graham is the author of  STAY MAD! Observations of a Proletarian.

David Graham said of STAY MAD! Observations of a Proletarian,  "This book is not a call for violence or revolution. This book calls for tea partiers to take their anger with them to the ballot box in 2012 like they did in 2010. A book that goes through a litany of circumstances contributing to the current state of the Nation. From an explanation of American exceptionalism, to creeping socialism into communism. This book deals frankly with so-called racism as observed by the author. Other things covered as observed and researched are elements of Islam and the continuing creep of Shariah law. It finishes with the shining hope of the Tea Party. You can't read this book and still not vote. Good luck to all of us."

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