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The May 17, 2012, episode of American Heroes Radio features a conversation with Chief Warrant Officer (4) Michael J. Hangee, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment; and, the author of Penalty of Pride.

Program Date: May 17, 2012

Program Time: 1500 hours, PACIFIC

Topic: Special Ops Aviator and Author

Listen Live:

Chief Warrant Officer (4) Michael J. Hangge, enlisted in the United States Army in 1989.  During the First Gulf War he was promoted to sergeant.  In 1994, he attended Warrant Officer Candidate School.  A pilot, he is currently assigned to160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment at Fort Campbell.  Chief Warrant Officer (4) Michael J. Hangge is the author of Penalty of Pride (Dispersive Ground).

According to the book description Penalty of Pride (Dispersive Ground), “The powder keg of war lights when the brutal legacy of Kim Jong-il is passed to his youngest son. As the Young General struggles to cope with his inheritance of fear, famine, disease, and death, there are powerful forces lurking in the shadows, ready to usurp control of the failing nation. When the dead dictator’s eldest son realizes his brother has lost control of their nation, he calls James Faulkirk to help him end his family’s vile nepocracy. James, an ex-CIA analyst haunted by the pain of his own losses, climbs out of his soju bottles as the countdown to war nears zero. But can the unlikely duo warn the world and rescue the Korean peninsula before it sinks into the putrid hole which has already rotted its very bedrock?”

About the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment

According to the United States Army, “it owes its modern night fighting aviation capabilities to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) who pioneered night flight techniques, shared in the development of equipment and proved that “Night Stalkers Don’t Quit,” a motto the Regiment lives by. The unit originally formed from attachments of the 101st Airborne Division. It immediately entered into a period of intensive night flying, quickly becoming the Army’s premier night fighting aviation force and the Army’s only Special Operations Aviation force. Task Force 160 was officially recognized as a unit on Oct. 16, 1981, when it was designated the 160th Aviation Battalion. Since that time, the 160th has become known as the “Night Stalkers” because of its capability to strike undetected during the hours of darkness and its impeccable performance around the world.”

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