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Smiley Face Serial Killers

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Episode No. 51 Smiley Face Serial Killers

Date:  April 10, 2009

Notes: Kristi Piehl and Bill Szostak on the Smiley Face Serial Killers.

In the past 12 years, more than 70 young men have either drowned or gone missing under similar circumstances.  These are men with vibrant personalities and bright futures. Despite what you’ve heard, not all the men were intoxicated when they were last seen. Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter Kristi Piehl first exposed the possible connection between the mysterious drowning deaths in 2008 on Good Morning America.  Piehl is now working closely with several families of the victims including, Bill Szostak, the father of Josh Szostak.  

About the Guests
Kristi Piehl broke the Smiley Face Killer story the same week Josh Szostak was buried.  Bill Szostak heard Kristi on Good Morning America and contacted her.  The two worked independently over the summer. Bill focused on Josh’s case and Kristi followed up on tips and pursued leads on victims and suspects.

Bill and Kristi realized in August that they each held key pieces of a bigger puzzle and began talking everyday and sharing evidence.  Several weeks before Christmas 2008, a round of newsroom layoffs ended Kristi’s 12 year career in television news.  It gave her an opportunity to work full-time on these drowning cases.  Her goal is to expose the evidence and keep the victim’s stories alive.

Bill is a retired firefighter and licensed fire investigator.  His motivation is to give Josh justice and to ensure no other parent will have to watch their son’s body recovered from a river.

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