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Episode No. 53 The Oasis Project

Date:  April 17, 2009

Notes: An interview with Lieutenant Art Adkins, a 29 year veteran of law enforcement, and the author of The Oasis Project.

Lieutenant Art Adkins is a 29 year veteran of law enforcement.  He began his law enforcement career on the Fort Lauderdale Police Department and then joined the Los Angeles Police Department.  During his 12 years with the Los Angeles Police Department he attained the rank of sergeant.  Lieutenant Art Adkins returned to Florida to finish his law enforcement career with the Gainesville Police Department.  He has worked a variety of assignments including patrol, detectives, administration, vice, bunco-forgery.  Moreover, as a sergeant he has supervised both investigative and administrative police units.  Lieutenant Art Adkins is the author of The Oasis Project.

According to Lieutenant Art Adkins, “The Oasis Project is my first publicized novel, but I have been writing for the last 18 years. I have received many accolades for The Oasis Project.  Midwest book review labeled it a "must read" and a "grade-A pick".  I received Detective-Suspense book of the year for 2008 from  I have recently completed the sequel, Power Grid, with the same cast of characters and I am currently working on the third novel, Mind Games.   The detective-murder mystery genre has always intrigued me and I have woven a considerable amount of police procedural into the books.  Each topic is relevant to issues confronting society today and the reader can readily identify with the controversies which arise.”

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