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Lawman Leather: The Dirty Harry Holster and Real Cops

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Episode No. 112:  Lawman Leather: The Dirty Harry Holster and Real Cops

Date: May 6, 2010

Notes: A conversation with former Chicago Police Officer Jerry Ardolino on Lawman Leather: The Dirty Harry Holster and Real Cops.

Jerry Ardolino, a former Chicago Police Officer is the owner of Lawman Leather Goods, and the creator and manufacturer of the Original Dirty Harry® Shoulder Holster. Jerry Ardolino is the author of  Extreme Cop Chicago PD: The True Story of the Wildest, most Violent Cop in the History of the Chicago Police and The Shang Pirate Legacy. The Shang Pirate Legacy is a fact-based historical work about Chinese triad gangs stretching from the 1600s to today’s Hong Kong.

Lawman Leather Goods is the original manufacturer of The ORIGINAL DIRTY HARRY® Shoulder Holster: Worn by Police, Elite Military Units & Hunters in Over 23 Different Countries for Over 32 Years.  Now made for every handgun ever made and all current handguns in the world - every caliber - every barrel length.  So, whether you carry a Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44magnum; a Smith & Wesson Performance Center .500 Caliber; a .460 Caliber; a V-Comp,  a .44 Caliber Colt Dragoon or a .45 1911 Auto pistol-- they make an ORIGINAL DIRTY HARRY® for every handgun; to the exact handgun.  They also manufacture the S.T.U. - the Severe Tactical Use shoulder holster - the hottest holster in the world; all leather and impervious to almost any element.  Currently being sold to individual special operations personnel in Iraq.

The Shang Pirate Legacy: The 21st Century ?Battle For Boss? of the 18th Century Pirate Triad of The Historical Chinese Junk Ning Po
Jerry Ardolino  More Info

Extreme Cop: Chicago PD
Jerry Ardolino  More Info

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