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Immigration and Law Enforcement

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Episode No. 117

Date:  June 10, 2010

Notes: A conversation with attorney and former police officer Sean J. Rogers on immigration and local law enforcement.

Sean J. Rogers is an attorney specializing labor and employment law for more than 30 years. He is a practicing arbitrator and mediator. He was Senior Hearing Officer/Senior Counsel with the National Mediation Board (NMB), the statutory-neutral federal agency responsible for facilitating labor relations in the nation's two primary transportation modes -- airlines and railroads. At the NMB, he also served as the Administrator of the Center for Advanced Study of Law and Dispute Resolution Process at George Mason University School of Law, a multi-discipline, academic forum. As Administrator, he was also Professor of Law and Conflict Resolution.

He teaches graduate courses in labor/management relations, business and labor law. He conducts training for management and labor in organizational effectiveness, total quality management/re-engineering, ADR and negotiations skills. He has developed several training exercises in negotiations techniques and has written graduate courses in business law and ethics. He has experience as not only a chief legal officer and negotiator for national labor organizations, but also director of labor relations and chief negotiator for a major county government and a large federal agency. He was the National Director, Labor Relations, for the Internal Revenue Service (’95-’98). He was Director of Planning and Policy for the Montgomery County Government (‘86-’95).

At Montgomery County, he was directly responsible for the County's human resources programs in labor and employee relations, training, compensation, and benefits (retirement, health and insurance). His work for labor unions includes: National Counsel, National Treasury Employees Union (‘78-‘85) and Associate General Counsel, National Association of Government Employees/International Brotherhood of Police Officers (‘74- ‘78). 

From ‘70-‘74, he served as a police officer with the Metropolitan Police, District of Columbia. His dispute resolution practice encompasses the Federal, Public and Private sectors of labor relations, and commercial arbitration and mediation as well. He was awarded an AB in English and Psychology from Georgetown University in ‘70; an MS in Police Science from American University in ‘76; and his JD from Georgetown University

Law Center in ‘77.

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