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Forensic Science in Homicide Investigations

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Episode No. 89: Forensic Science in Homicide Investigations

Date: December 17, 2009

Notes:  The development of forensic science particularly in homicide investigations.

Vernon Geberth is a retired lieutenant-commander of the New York Police Department.  As the commanding officer of the Bronx Homicide Task Force, his investigators handled more than four hundred murder investigations every year.  Geberth is recipient of over sixty awards for bravery and exceptional work during twenty-three years of service.  He has personally investigated, supervised, assessed, researched and consulted on over eight thousand homicides.

Vernon J. Geberth has master's degrees in both psychology and professional studies, is a graduate of the FBI's National Academy.  Over the past twenty-five years, he has taught over 50,000 police officers his comprehensive course in Practical Homicide Investigation.

Geberth’s book, Practical Homicide Investigation has been referred to as the "Bible of Homicide."  His subsequent works, The Practical Homicide Investigation Checklist and Field Guide and Sex-Related Homicide and Death Investigation: Practical and Clinical Perspectives, demonstrate his professional ability and subject matter expert command over homicide investigations.  In addition to his own works Geberth has been an editor in over forty other textbooks. He has devoted his life to the study of murder and was the first law enforcement professional to devise standard guidelines and protocols for proficient death inquiries. Currently he is president of P.H.I. Investigative Consultants, Inc., a New York-based corporation that provides state-of-the-art instruction and consultation regarding homicide investigations to police officers.

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