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Courage and Sacrifice: A Historical Novel

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On October 14, 2010, Conversations with Heroes at the Watering Hole will feature a discussion with former Marine Corps Artillery Officer and novelist Gerald Gillis.

Gerald Gillis, USMC, is “a native of Atlanta, GA, married and the father of three grown children. He is a graduate of the Univ. of Tampa (MBA) and the Univ. of Georgia (BBA). After college, he served for three years as an artillery officer in the Marine Corps, with duty stations in the U.S. and Okinawa/mainland Japan. He then worked as an executive in the medical-devices industry where he later traveled extensively, both foreign and domestic. He became a full-time novelist in 2009. Shall Never See So Much is my second novel. His first novel was published twenty-five years ago, and did reasonably well, but he decided that his business career would better accommodate educating my kids and paying the mortgage than a career as a neophyte novelist. Hence, his writing career has resumed after a bit of a hiatus. Gerald Gillis is a member of the American Legion and several Marine Corps-related associations. Gerald Gillis is the author of Shall Never See So Much.

Shall Never See So Much
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According to the description of Shall Never See So Much (released in March, 2010), it “is an historical novel about a brother and sister in the year 1968. The brother is a Marine officer serving in Vietnam at the time of the Tet offensive, and the sister works on the campaign of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy as RFK makes his ill-fated bid for the presidency. It is a story about courage and sacrifice, and the affects of those times on what could be considered a typical American family. It is not so much a war novel as it is about a time in history when the nation was at war, sometimes even with itself. It was recently awarded a Readers Favorite award for its historical fiction category.”

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