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Commercial Airline Hijack Procedures

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Episode No. 87 Commercial Airline Hijack Procedures
Date: October 8, 2009

Notes: Former Naval servicemember and retired Commercial Airline Pilot Steve A. Reeves on commercial airline hijack procedures.

Steve A. Reeves started flying airplanes from a dirt strip located adjacent to a cotton field in northeast Arkansas. He took great pride in his ability to chase rabbits down the plowed rows – and he’s extremely grateful that he’s lived to tell about it! Realizing that, if he wanted to fly for a living, he’d need an education, he returned to his native Kentucky where he enrolled in Cumberland College. After earning a degree in business administration, he accepted a commission in the United States Navy.

After one tour of duty in Naval Air, he returned to the civilian world in hopes of landing a position as a pilot with one of the major airlines. Unfortunately, the economy was in a recession and nobody was hiring. Steve decided to switch gears and pursue a career in another field that interested him – construction management. Here he found success and went to work for a major commercial construction company in Houston. One day while standing in the middle of a job site, Steve looked up to watch a commercial airliner fly over. The pull was strong and instantaneous – he knew that he had to return to the sky.Twenty-one years later, Steve A. Reeves has logged over 12,500 hours in civilian, military, and commercial aircraft. He is a retired captain for a major airline and resides in Texas with his wife, Stacy, and their two daughters, Keegan and Kayleigh. Steve A. Reeves is the author of Squawk 7500.

According to the book description of Squawk 7500, “This fiction thriller is based on the real life experiences of a commercial pilot and gives you an exciting insider view of what it takes to fly a jet while managing crew, passengers—and a terrorist! Captain Mike Rendell started out his workday like all the workdays before – just another normal day of flying. After spending a raucous night partying with his crew, he and his first officer were looking forward to a nice relaxing flight to the West Coast. However it didn’t take long for events to unfold that would thrust Captain Rendell and his crew into one of the most terror-filled days of their commercial airline careers”

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