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Episode No. 104: Coast Guard Photojournalist

Date: March 29, 2010

Notes: A conversation with retired Coast Guard Photojournalist David Walks-As-Bear.

David Walks-As-Bear, USCG (ret.) “served in the U.S. Coast Guard Reserve and retired after 21 years in the 'Hooligan Navy'. Assigned to the newly formed Rapid Deployment Force in 1983, he served as a combat boat crewman with OCONUS (Outside the Continental   U.S.) port security unit.  It was while serving as a Coast Guard photojournalist that he honed his writing skills. When he began writing for civilian publications, he used the combination of his Christian and Shawnee names of "David Walks-As-Bear" to help keep the Indian culture alive for his children. He credits his wife with his efforts as a writer today because it was she that encouraged him to put pen to paper, over and over again.” David Walks-As-Bear is the author of The Murmurings, Shamus Ghillie US Secret Service In Medicine Hat, The L.P., and Old Money.

Shamus Ghillie US Secret Service In Medicine Hat
David Walks-As-Bear  More Info

Old Money
David Walks-As-Bear  More Info

The L.P.
David Walks-As-Bear  More Info

The Murmurings
David Walks-As-Bear  More Info

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