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Building a Fire Service in Afghanistan

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The November 30, 2013, episode of American Heroes Radio features a conversation with Fire Chief Victor H. Esch on building a fire service in Afghanistan.


Program Date:  November 30, 2013

Program Time: 1500 hours, PACIFIC

Topic: Building a Fire Service in Afghanistan

Listen Live:


About the Guest


Victor H. Esch is a seasoned, senior emergency management executive and chief fire officer with extensive and comprehensive leadership expertise in organizational development, planning and execution. His creative, flexible, and analytical problem solving skills have positioned him, uniquely, as one of the foremost leaders in the fire service and disaster response/emergency management industries. Thriving in intense, high-stakes environments, Chief Esch is an internationally-recognized and highly-sought authority on Needs-Based Capacity Building, Program Development, Needs Assessments, and Fire and Emergency Services Master Planning.


Chief Eschs career has included response and command of scores of national and international disasters including: September 11, 2001 Pentagon Incident and World Trade Center Collapse, Hurricanes, Train Derailments, Airline Crashes, Subway Derailments, Tornadoes, Sand Storms, Earthquakes, Wildfires, Subterranean Rescues, and Flash Floods.


Specializing in Program Development and Program Enhancement, Chief Esch has lead the dramatic turn-around of numerous fire-rescues departments, the creation of numerous highly-specialized and technical response teams (Search and Rescue, Rapid Water Rescue, High Angle Rescue, Flood Rescue, Arial Assisted Rapid Water Rescue Task Force, and Inland Water Rescue).


Chief Esch has assisted with assessment and development of numerous Emergency Medical Services and Pre-Hospital Care Programs and Systems throughout the United States, the Republic of Afghanistan, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Recently he has lead the development of the National Fire and Emergency Services paradigm in Afghanistan, as well as the inception of the Disaster Response Directorate and associated programs and procedures in the Republic of Afghanistan.


As a trusted Advisor to numerous Officials at the highest levels of the Afghan Government,  Directorates, Ministries, Parliament, and within the President and Vice Presidents Offices, Chief Eschs counsel and   perspective in constant demand.  His unique perspective and keen understanding of the problems, issues, obstacles, and related solutions, has been developed greatly as a result of his years of embedded service with various specialized segments within the Afghanistan National Army, the Afghanistan Ministry of Defense, and the Afghanistan Ministry of Interior.


Recently, Chief Esch had the honor of being nominated and subsequently elected to serve as the President and Chief Executive Officer of an Afghanistan based, international humanitarian relief  NGO, the Organization for Development & Welfare - Afghanistan;  at which he is responsible for daily Administrative and Operational management and oversight of all of the Organizations activities.  Currently Chief Esch is leading ODWA s interests and operations throughout Afghanistan, as they relate to: Capacity Building; Community/Village Development; Gender Equality; Education; Health Care; Tele-Medicine; Disaster Preparedness and Response; Fire/Rescue & Emergency Medical Services and Emergency Ambulance Services; Pre-Natal Care, Burn Units, Emergency Health Clinics, and Emergency Medical Training.


Other related actives include advisory positions with numerous other humanitarian related organizations, including: the Grossman Burn Foundation and the Marshal Plan Charities. 

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