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Episode No. 43 Aviation History

Date:  January 23, 2009

Notes: Aviation History with Major R.G. Beavers, USAF (ret.) the author of Legacy: Genesis of Aviation Greatness.

Major R. G. Beavers, USAF (ret.)  is a “Master Navigator and twenty-year veteran of the United States Air Force with over 5000 hours experience in the B-52D, F, G and H. He served two tours in Southeast Asia, flying out of U-Tapao RTN Air Force Base, and Andersen Air Force Base, Guam. He was assigned to the 17th Bombardment Wing/34th Bomb Squadron at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio mentioned in the episodes.

Major R. G. Beavers also initially trained with Captain (now retired Colonel, Wing Commander and Command Pilot) Charles B. Brown. Major R. G. Beavers amassed over 2000 hours as an Instructor Navigator, and was awarded the Masters and Doctorate of Flying Training Certificates by Air Training Command.

In bombing competition, he won the coveted Russell Daugherty Trophy the first time it was presented. Major R. G. Beavers taught over 2,000 young lieutenant navigators their trade, including one author, Dale Brown, who wrote such books as Flight of the Old Dog and Shadow Command.  Major R. G. Beavers is the author of Legacy: Genesis of Aviation Greatness.

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