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American Heroes Press is more than just a means of publishing your book. It's a growing, active and innovative community of writers. Retired police Lt. Raymond E. Foster of the Los Angeles Police Department started this community in 2003. Today it offers a brand of publishing designed specifically for true American Heroes: police, military, firefighters and emergency workers.

As an American Hero, great things are accomplished through teamwork. This community this team is here to help you achieve success with your literary work.

In 2003, the founder of American Heroes Press, retired police Lt. Raymond E. Foster of the Los Angeles Police Department, published his first book with a traditional publishing house. He quickly learned that authors, even in a large house, were primarily responsible for marketing their books. So, in essence, success equaled learning the business side of writing.

While his publisher was somewhat active marketing in traditional channels, it was through Foster's own innovative marketing that his book was adopted in more than 120 universities and colleges nationwide.

One such innovation was the creation of an online social network of law enforcement officials who also authored books. This dynamic network, www.police-writers.com, opened the door to tremendous cooperative marketing and distribution opportunities.

In 2006, after the growing success of Police-Writers.com, Foster began exploring other social networks. As a former service member, he launched Military-Writers.com and began creating a social network of active, former and retired U.S. service members with published books. Then, in 2007, at the request of several firefighters, he created Firefighter-Writers.com. Thus, by early 2008, the structure of American Heroes Press had formed.

Today, the heroes of America law enforcement, fire and military personnel now have a community to join where their literary voices can be heard. You can join over 2000 American Heroes who have had their books listed.


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