Leadership in Action

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Every student of leadership has read about the great military leaders of the past.  Everyone knows of Patton, Bradley, Marshall, MacArthur and Eisenhower.  Clearly, these leaders provided stellar examples for us to follow, but its leadership at every level of the organization that separates the merely good from the great.  In great organizations effective leadership is practiced everyday, by every member.


Although twenty years old, the United States Army Leadership in Action book provides nearly fifty leadership success stories from every rank, including civilian.  The short vignettes, from The Hanger Queen to the Doing More with Less.and Liking it provide interesting and salient leadership stories and advice.  Moreover, the stories are examined in the light of different leadership challenges and solutions.  There is tons of practical advice for use in any organization. 


These case studies, presented in interesting narrative form, provide the depth necessary for personal leadership development.

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