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Hi Tech Criminal Justice Newsletter
  November 2004


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Strategies for Promotion

National Incident Management System (NIMS)

Tailored Technology

Justice Technology Information Network

Increasing High Speed Driving Performance



Strategies for Promotion

In our first article we looked at five tactics for taking civil service multiple choice tests. These tips were classified as tactics because they were immediately deployable to the situation. Like field tactics, they are something you learn and then use when they apply. Studying for promotion is significantly different from actual testing. It calls for longer term planning, preparation and implementation. In this article we will look at test preparation strategies.

A successful study plan is a strategic plan. A good strategic plan starts with an assessment of the enemy, competition, market or in this case, the test. Several basic questions need to be answered:

  1. When is the test going to be administered?
  2. What type of test is going to be administered?
  3. What are the mechanics of the testing process?
  4. What types of questions were on the last test?


It is important to know when the next test is likely to be administered because that is going to effect your planning. Most civil service organizations tend to administer promotion examinations on a fairly regular and scheduled basis. If the test is next week and you haven't been studying, don't bother. However, if the test is three or more months away you have a great opportunity to score well. Once you know the approximate date of test, break out a calendar and begin to plan backwards from the test date. If you are fairly certain of the test date you do a number of things to maximize your studying time.

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Safety through Knowledge


  Dear Raymond,

Hi Tech Criminal Justice is committed to providing criminal justice practitioners original, cutting edge information on important issues in law enforcement. In this issue, we continue the series of articles on promotion, look at new developments in police technology and pass on important information concerning emergency preparedness.


  • National Incident Management System (NIMS)

    In Fiscal Year 2005, federal departments and agencies are required to make adoption of NIMS by state and local organizations a condition for federal preparedness assistance. Essentially, organizations and personnel at all governmental levels and in the private sector must be trained to improve all-hazard incident management capability. These organizations and personnel must also participate in realistic exercises to improve integration and interoperability.

    Hi Tech Criminal Justice recommends law enforcement professionals visit the National Incident Management System Integration Center.

      Visit the NIMS Intergration Center
  • Tailored Technology

    State and local governments can spend more than $50,000 outfitting one police vehicle with modern technologies, and adding the necessary information technologies can double the cost of outfitting the vehicle, according to market observers and police departments. Vehicle service life varies, but typically lasts 24/7 for three to five years -- or about 85,000 miles.

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  • Justice Technology Information Network

    The National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center (NLECTC), a program of the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), provides via a Listserv the Law Enforcement & Corrections Technology News Summary. The Summary includes abstracts of articles from major national newspapers, business magazines, Web sites, national and international wire services, and periodicals focusing on law enforcement and corrections technology. Moreover, the summary often provides advanced notification of funding opportunities. Criminal Justice practitioners are strongly encouraged to subscribe.

      Subscribe to Justice Technology Information Network
  • Increasing High Speed Driving Performance

    CG-Lock was developed to provide a standard three- point safety belt with a racing vehicle harness snug fit. According to the developer, the device reduces driver motion and increases driver performance. The developer is offering one free CG-Lock to any driving Instructor (for police or other emergency vehicles) upon request. The only obligation is for the Instructor to provide feedback. For example, police instructors have reported that both students and experienced officers have shown better car control on the driving school test track when using a CG- Lock-equipped vehicle. All responses will be kept confidential.

      Visit CG-Lock on the Web
  • Police Technology
    Universities, colleges, libraries and criminal justice practitioners nationwide agree Police Technology offers the most in-depth, comprehensive view of criminal justice technologies.

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